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Wim Hoste is a brand ambassador of AMI Worldwide from a long time, AMI is global freight forwarding and logistic company


Hardee's Commercial

AMI Song

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Wim Video Song


He Re-Started and was Featured in NESCAFE Promo Video

TOYOTA Camry commercial and a short film for Toyota Russia & Toyota India.

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Classical Crooners 2015

Belgian based in the UAE since more than 10 years, well-known regular performer in different key venues in Dubai. Such as Emirates Golf Club, Solis, Ductac, Court Yard and many other venues.

2006 UAE

My 3rd career was in Trading and Logistics. Started my own company in Belgium and then moved to Angola to develop an Oil and Gas Logistics Company. After 4 years in Angola I came to UAE as the consultant to set-up an Oil and Gas Logistics Company in the UAE. Now I am here since 2006, worked for a Belgian International Logistics Company as GM of the group for 7 years. Around 3 years back re-started my consultancy business in trading.


2001 Virgin Atlantic – South Africa

2003 -2006 Angola

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1990 - 2000 Sabena

I worked around 10 years and started as a country manager and become Acting Vice President Africa and Asia at the top of my career. Was based for them in Belgium, Liberia, Gambia, Gabon, Burkina Faso, and Italy before moving to South Africa for Virgin Atlantic

Wedding with Jin Soo Young from South-Korea

– July 1995

In same year we had 3 different weddings – In Burkina Faso, Belgium and South Africa

With my Team in Burkina Faso, when I was General Manager of Sabena Airlines

Presentation in front of press & VIP's at Cocktail for SABENA in Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso

Practising Taikwondo ( South-Korean battle sport ) with the Champion of Burkina Faso whom was my teacher.

Pricate party Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso - 1999

Presentation at VIP Cocktail Burkina Faso

This was in Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso- Entertaining at a party with friends- 1997

Moved to Burkina Faso - 1995

Safari trip in Africa- Benin and Burkina Faso 1996

Private party Burkina Faso

Our hacienda ( house ) in Burkina Faso 1998

Private party – Burkina Faso

TV Commercial - National Airline of Belgium

Brand Ambassador for Belgian International Freight Forwarding Company


My first job was for Thai Airways, worked as a sales representative, travelled around the world and left the company at the post of sales manager. Afterwards joined the National Airline of Belgium – Sabena and made an international career, become Country Manager in several African countries and grew to the position of Regional Manager Africa and Asia. After that joined Virgin Atlantic in South Africa and become Manager for Africa Region.

Sports Lover from Starning

Started as a sports man – Top athlete. I was Belgian Swimming champion several times and a good athletics. I also joined military service in German and there I become Military athlete of the year by winning in several disciplines from swimming to sprint and endurance running.

1981-1985 University

Acting Started in University

From 1981 – 1985, he was in university. He was a brilliant student and a equality passionate singer and actor in university. He sung many songs and participated in all the events and functions of singing, acting, plays, drama, etc.

1963 Born

He was born in 1963, Belgium. His parents once said that, “He is very naughty but good in his studies and we love his singing and acting.


1991 Moved to the Gabon

1995 Moved to Burkina Faso

1991 Moved to Gambia

1999 Moved to Italy

2000 Moved to South Africa

2001 Moved to Angola

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